Xavier Thicc: The Performer (Part II)
by Brownluv (write1in618@aol.com)

In the last interview, Xavier revealed that pursuit of the female orgasm was HIS pleasure, after all. His co-stars’ creamy convulsions offer convincing proof of the brotha’s claim. The surprise, then, is that Xavier is “deeply in love” with his girlfriend. The surprise, of course, is not that Xavier is attached, but rather that his girlfriend is so willing to share her good thing, not only with Xavier’s beautiful co-stars but with the rest of the internet-accessible world.

“What we have is so much more than just great sex,” his girlfriend says confidently. “I know that he loves me and shows it all the time in everything he does. I also know that he’s very sexual and very passionate, by nature. One thing about him is that sex never changes his character, meaning that no matter who he is with or who is around us, he always treats me with the same amount of love, interest, and respect. He was already a pornstar when I him, I've seen him with plenty of women and it's always the same outcome. Nothing changes with him or us”.

More importantly, she notes, Xavier is not moved by his co-stars' "sexual talents" or "what they can do for him," she continues. "Xavier couldn't care less about that - He’s more interested in what HIS talents can do for them so I don't feel like I am in competition with any of the friends that he's filming with. It’s also one hell of a turn-on to know that I'm with someone who's wanted by so many others.”

What are Xavier's biggest turn ons? First, he likes women with a slim build or fit medium build, small-waists and he has a thing for nice hips. In bed, he likes engaging the senses, so it’s good for him to hear moans and to be touched. He also admits to a fetish for “cute feet.”

A self-proclaimed exhibitionist, Xavier has never had a problem performing in front of another woman. Long before Sixxx began filming him with girls, he would invite girl-friends over to his place to watch him work over someone else.

In his movies, Xavier not only shows his creative talents in the bedroom but some of his non-sexual talents as well. He is a professional photographer and with a strong background in videography and video post production and this allows him to do all of his own video post production and photography work for his XXX movie series.

Xavier's non-sexual talents include everything from Professional Photography to home improvement (electric, drywall, plumbing, heating, etc) to automotive repair to computer repair/programming to web-design and computer programming (to name a few).

“The up-and-coming years will hold a few more new things that I wants to do with the sites” Xavier says. “While I keep this all professional and legit, I'm never trying to be big or mainstream nor am I trying to turn a huge profit from this. I plan on this hobby staying the way it is, "Just A Hobby" and only improving within my own little circle of fans. I don't want fame and fortune off of this – just fun and appreciation.”

Fans? Let Xavier know what’s up! We definitely appreciate his efforts!